Germany is a huge province serving a large variety of study courses and job offers for the locals as well as for the immigrants. To attain a successful job in Germany, there are certain visas that you can apply for getting a job and a permanent residency for living in Germany. German Job seeker visa is a type of visa by which you can go to find a fitting job in any province of Germany and this visa is valid for 6 months, which means you can look and apply for the job in these 6 months to achieve your suitable living in Germany. 

There is a certain table of content under this German job seeker visa, that can be easily fulfilled by a professional Immigration Consultant in Germany and for that, you need to look at these points mentioned below for your reference:

What Is a Job Seeker Visa?

A German job seeker visa is a category of visa under which the migrants are offered a timeframe to search or seek a job in Germany, in which they are granted 6 months to search for a suitable job according to their skill.

Experience Required for The Same

Applicant should be bachelor or master from a reputed German university or should have an equivalent foreign degree. Minimum 5 years of experience is required in your skilled area for this visa.


Immigration Consultant in Germany


Documents Required for The Same  

A list of documents required to attach with job seeker visa for a Germany PR is given as follows:

  • A lawful passport is always required 
  • A passport duplicate photocopy must be carried in case of emergency 
  • Biometric passport size photos
  • Cover motivation letter mentioning the intent of employment 
  • All the necessary degrees and certificates 
  • An updated CV 
  • Proof of satisfactory funds for living in Germany 
  • Proof of secured accommodation after landing in Germany 
  • Evidence of personal identity 
  • Health insurance is very important at the time of emergency 

The above papers and documents are vital to grant you access to further procedures of Germany PR application.

The Successful Application Process 

You need to download the necessary visa from the German consulate website and book an appointment for a visa interview with the consultant officer. On the day of the interview, bring all the above-mentioned documents for the application process for a German job seeker visa.

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