Germany is home to some of the highest-ranking universities and colleges in the world. Its high-class curriculum and standard of education are renowned across the globe. Degrees from German Universities are recognized globally which makes Germany all the more preferable for national and international students to pursue higher education. 

Even though Germany is one of the most desired places to study, the immigration process can be a little tricky for the students. Settling in an absolutely new land can be a teensy bit overwhelming for students. This blog is an attempt to subside some of the common questions that pop into students’ minds before they head out to Germany. Immigration consultants in Germany have carefully curated this blog with necessary questions to help students out of their fix.

  1. Is getting a student visa mandatory to study in Germany?
  2. It totally depends upon what nationality the student is coming from. If the student is from the EU or EEA region, they would not require a visa but only a valid ID card. There are certain restrictions to this rule too. 
  3. Which level of knowledge of the German Language do international students need to attend their degree courses?
  4. Candidates are required to be at B1 Level. 
  5. Is it mandatory for a student to open a German Bank Account?
  6. While it is not mandatory to open a bank account, it is recommended to open one. Whether the student is going to take insurance or renting a flat, with a bank account, debiting money can become easier. 
  7. How Can a student get Germany PR?
  8. People who come to Germany with a visa and wish to stay for a longer duration are required to have a Residence Permit. To apply for PR, you’ll need a Certificate of Enrollment from a recognized university, Registration from Germany Authorities, Proof of sufficient funds, a valid health insurance cover with a set of documents. Consulting with an immigration consultant can be helpful in accelerating your PR process. 
  9. Can family members accompany the student studying in Germany?
  10. If the student has a residence permit and the stay is going to be longer than a year, then family members like spouse and children can come and live with the person living in Germany. 
  11. Is the person studying in Germany allowed to work while they study?
  12. An international student studying in Germany is allowed to work for 120 full or 240 half days within a year without having to take any permission from the German Authorities. 

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