People often immigrate to Germany attracted by the quality of life and the vast opportunities that it offers. Germany has always been at the top of the list amongst immigrants from across the globe. Germany is well known for its extensive welfare policy. 

In Germany, those who do not work can claim assistance. Anyone who is jobless is entitled to certain benefits. These benefits include –

  • 60 % of last net income for those without children
  •  67 % of last net income for those with children 
  • Economic migrants can avail the allowance system, because advantages are paid even for those who never worked in  Germany.

There are a lot of employment that compel a degree-level capability, such as a plumber,  electrician, craftsman etc. Vocational specialists are in high demand as well. German-based global companies, such as BMW, Siemens, Adidas and Volkswagen, employ several people every year. 

People can be comfortable about their senility because pension in Germany is around 1000 Euro per month which is slightly higher in West Germany than in East Germany.

Also, any taxpayer residing with a child can get a child privilege. Parents get it until the children turn 18. Parents receive a monthly expenditure of 190 Euros per child for two children, 196 Euro for the third child and 221 Euro for every successive child.


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Germany is an attractive destination for youth as well. Graduates, both domestic and international, can study for Bachelor and Master in Germany for free. Meanwhile, private universities are costly, it can cost up to 20 000 euros/year. Anyone expecting to study in Germany needs an adequate understanding of German. International applicants must obtain a language test. However, if a person can not communicate German there are chances to study in English with an accumulating selection of English-language for international students.

Good job opportunities and high salaries, a clean environment, meagre crime rates, lots of leisure-time and cultural allures, good public transport that makes Germany attractive for migrants. People migrate to Germany for several reasons, but possibly the most important ones are the powerful economic and welfare strategy.

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