Permit for Permanent Residency in Germany

To be able to reside in Germany indefinitely, you must first get a German Permanent Residence Permit. The Settlement Permit is another name for a permanent residency permit. You may work in Germany and travel in and out whenever you like with a permanent residency visa.

This authorization is more likely to be given to those who have had a temporary residence visa for a few years or who hold the EU Blue Card. They must verify that they have worked for at least five years and their employment has been certified by the Federal Employment Agency. In addition to they also have paid all due taxes and government payments. Furthermore, because the German language proficiency levels are higher, you will need to know advanced German.

If you receive a permanent residency in Germany, your children and spouse are welcome to accompany you. They will first be issued a temporary residence permit, which will be followed by a permanent residence permit after a few years.



Requirements for a German Resident Permit

You must meet a few standards to be granted any of the residency permits. The majority of them will be similar, such as having a valid passport from another country, not having a criminal record, and so on.

Be able to communicate in German at a B1 level, have German health insurance, pass a health examination demonstrating that you are fit to work and/or study, be financially secure and able to support yourself and your family,

If you intend to work in Germany, you will need a letter from your company including the employment offer and description, as well as a copy of your passport.

If you intend to study in Germany, you must provide proof of acceptance into a university. If you intend to join your spouse in Germany, you must show proof of marriage, such as a marriage certificate.

You can start the application process if you have all of these papers and meet all of the prerequisites.

If you want peace of mind when submitting your application for Germany PR, we recommend hiring a German immigration lawyer. Such specialists will ensure that your application meets all of the standards, considerably increasing the chances of it being accepted.